Anfragen Swiss German Lead generation

  • Kategorie: Dienstleistungen
  • Datum bearbeiten: 07/11/2019

I am looking for Swiss German people for the below project. Please refer to the details:

- lead generation based on a Swiss-German script
- Swiss-based companies to be contacted and seeking for IT managers
- Introduce Cyber security company to the IT Managers
- If they are interested ask for the following details: email address, phone number, name and position
- Monday - Friday local business hours

Agent Requirements:

● 1- 2 years experience in call/contact center in a similar role
● Excellent written and spoken communication skills
● Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and Online applications
● Ability to work at least 5-6 hours a day

Payment: 18 EUR/hour

Work Environment Requirements:
- Quiet workplace (tasks are delivered from the comfort of the help-desk agent's home)
- USB Headset (separate microphone and loudspeakers are not good enough to manage calls)
- Computer or Laptop with Windows operating system (Windows 8 or above) and
- Broadband internet connection (mobile internet is not good enough to manage calls)